Is she still mad?

Don't you like working with me?

Markku likes to keep abreast of things.

We are looking for an experienced C++ programmer near Amsterdam.

Whose son are you?

Well, we've finished at last.

I was appalled by her lack of good manners.

The world is a book of which a person that doesn't travel reads only one page.


Sean Connery is a Scottish actor.

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I used to think Susanne was a pretty good cook.


I thought we were supposed to eat lunch together.

You seem to be busy.

I can not get the message through to her.

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I knew I'd be unhappy here.


Tell us what happened in the park.

Gale shut one window and Ricardo shut the other.

You're going to be proud of me.

Take whichever you like best.

We're late.

I've got a son.

Gunnar walked through the town.

I helped her with her work.

What makes you think I'll like it?

I overheard your conversation.

Roxana yanked Marsha's hair.

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Daniel didn't have it.

How many phone numbers does Molly have?

I'm responsible for this.

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I am not as fast as you.

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Would you please autograph this book?

After death my soul turns into nothing.

Horst hardly said a word all day.


Please choose a stronger password.

I thought we were friends.

Sonny will be there.

The pope appeared in his red robe.

Am I doing it right?

I was talking to Beckie about something else.

Do you have something you want to tell me?

I like him personally, but don't respect him as a doctor.

Eat and drink.

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Troy thought I was making it up.

I drank too much and was unsteady on my feet.

Have you seen him on stage?

At first, the local cowboys laughed at him.

I can't get this suitcase open.

He is about forty.

That's not very close.

He narrowly escaped death.

Owen didn't know which bus to take.

I am gay.

He caught hold of a rope and saved himself.

He was born in the winter.

Weren't you listening, Kanthan?

I get the feeling I'm being lead round the houses.

I never want to hear that slanderous shit again!

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I am an English student.

It wasn't enough.

It is not necessary for you to quit the job.

I don't know how to use Facebook.

The fishermen ignored Tiefenthal's warning.

Space is in the kitchen with Stevan cooking dinner.

Make sure Travis gets home safely.


International postal rates differ according to destination.


He is on the town.


What's your favorite kind of shellfish?


He went together with her.

The singer, who is from Okinawa, is very popular among young people.

Are you sure you don't want to go to Boston?

The government dispatched missions abroad.

You're way out of line.


My wife went to the powder room to freshen up.

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Why are the people protesting against the government?

She majors in child psychology.

If she'd set off now, she would make it on time.


I've never met anyone like you.

Marian's song became a hit.

We're both very proud of you.

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He's not sure he wants to do this.

How about getting Mac a cold drink?

Louis is spirited.

Tolerant went out of his way to make sure Jeffie had a good time.

I'm suspicious of people who don't like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn't like a person.

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Food finally arrived on the table.


For the authoress of that book, ladders are always steep.

You should try to help her.

You were so happy when you saw me.

How does this happen?

What a nice family!


Murph played with the baby.

You should stay where you are.

I'd like to stay here a little longer.

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Everyone loves the father.


Phillip keeps things to himself.

There is a bit of whisky in this bottle.

I'm sensitive.


I've had a good time.


Shutoku's conduct is a reflection on the way he was brought up.

They named the ship the Mayflower.

One day apart seems like a separation of three years.

That fight happened three weeks ago.

Johnny can turn her hand to just about anything.

It appears you're correct, Patrice.

She couldn't take her eyes off him.

Are you helping her?

I feel for my father, who has to work on Sundays.

This will quench your thirst.

Scott! Please make hotdogs for lunch.

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Tarmi doesn't seem to know very much about what happened.

I'm fixing the radio I found on my way home.

There's a slight problem.

Is there a problem with my work?

She loves her children.

Loukas burned himself out as a baseball player.

Leads doesn't believe Valerie. He thinks she's lying.


Little Johnny farts in the classroom.

She complains all the time.

Let's not deceive ourselves.

We didn't wait for them.

This is one of the reasons why the Tatoeba Project asks members not to adopt orphan sentences in languages other than their own native language.

I find it hard to understand him.

I got some help from a friend.


You're full of shit.

Pim teaches French to his friends once a week.

It is important to pay special attention to your love life.


Jinchao is in terrible physical condition.

Go do something.

I can't fall asleep.

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I became esperantist a few years ago.


I learned about your portable copier at the Tokyo-Office '97 Expo.


Cut the shenanigans!

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Lester is getting better at speaking French.

Pay attention to details, and you'll get along all right.

Do you plan to join us for a drink afterwards?

Rhonda was green behind the ears when it came to defending himself in court.

I've gotten used to doing things my own way.


Come help me make the salad.


How was your date with Nick last night?


How do you like Germany?

Get her some food.

He consumes an enormous amount of liquor.

I didn't chicken out.

All that is solid melts into air.

I've got to leave soon.

Everyone is talking about her.

He collapsed at her feet.

Now something is really wrong.

The soldier was killed in action.

How often have you been to Europe?

Kit hopes it won't be cloudy tomorrow.

I've always wanted to climb Mt. Fuji.

They weren't able to discover any secrets.

It seems to be quiet over there, right?

Sandip and Nils sat down around the kitchen table.

But he knew he had no choice.

At first, I took him for your brother.

She was absorbed in reading comic books.

If Nils had asked Diane for advice first, he wouldn't have had this problem.

Shahid doesn't want to be my friend. She thinks that she's too cool for me.

Comparison is the mother of violence.

Miltos is suicidal.

Would you mind taking a picture of us?

Where's the new kid?