Is this your first examination?

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We need to speak.

I'm already done.

The squid ink in arroz negro blackens the rest of the ingredients enough to make the Spanish dish a Goth staple.


It was a great evening.

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Jean-Christophe was surprised when Sid asked him out on a date.

People build houses, dams, bridges, ships and so on.

Rajarshi had no idea what to do.

I signed the contract.

A woman was driving a car on a country road.

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They danced to the sound of the music.

Bernard leaned on the counter.

That galloping inflation has been lasting for three years now. People are frustrated and angry.


I wouldn't have worried about that.


I haven't always had friends like Kiki.

Is this going to take long?

Composting is important.

I'll just sit here and wait for Sir.

In which folder did you put the photos from the sports event?

They didn't find us.

I mentioned your name to him.

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I brought it for you.

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Phase one is complete.


I spoke to her this morning.

I'm going to call Leung right now.

That was a great party.

Nicholas took cover behind a dumpster.

Can I tell Knute what the answer is?

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Matthew wants a unicycle.

He looks nothing like a doctor.

It's not a conspiracy.

It's four o'clock by my watch.

We don't have a tumble dryer.

Rathnakumar never thought Irving would actually graduate from college.

I don't think that would bother Revised too much.

I hope you can forgive me.

The earthquake caused the fire.

I am sorry that I haven't written to you in such a long time.

You're not interrupting anything.


I have to give something to Marian.


Someone was coming!

You can trust us.

I looked all over for Miltos.

We have no other alternative but to swap horses midstream and inject a fresh atmosphere and new ideas into our organization.

You must avoid making such mistakes.

I have sold my books at a good price.

Benjamin felt a bit woozy.

Let's go and see what's happening.

I'm not finished yet.

Everyone sat down to eat.

For men of that culture, women with extremely long necks are considered attractive.

Corey and Ian were there, too.

Looking up, I saw him come in.


The pup snapped at my hand.

You must take care of us.

It's nice of him to bring such gifts.

Lyrics are generally copyright protected, since they're a part of songs, which are generally also copyright protected.

We associate Einstein with the theory of relativity.

Bell invented the telephone.

Do you know a delicious Korean Cuisine store?


He is known to all the people in the town.


You always get all the attention.

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Briggs began to light the candles on the table.

We wanted to give Gill one more chance.

If Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, the whole face of the world would have been changed.

I'm not ready to go back yet.

It was not easy to put out the fire at once.

Your feet are filthy.

He rests at home for an hour.

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I'm not talking about that.

I'm getting a big raise.

That was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.


I wonder how it is when the web server uses cookies?


Let me handle it.

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Are you waiting for him?

My opinion is the opposite.

Saul is unapproachable.

He lent me a book, which was too difficult for me.

Define for me stupidity!

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If you're tired, you should go to bed.

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I did not listen to the chorus of that song.

Is it true that it's easy to get laid in Japan?

That's not the goal.

Your opinion means a lot to me.

You have no way to verify it.

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Clifford, you've disappointed me.

I've always wanted to adopt a puppy.

This mountain is snow-covered the entire year.

I'll go home at ten.

Are you ready for a creative challenge?


Hand me that box.

Micky wasn't wearing anything.

I'd do what Bryan advises if I were you.

I bought my prom dress there.

He turned angrily on his accusers.

You'll hardly recognize Janet the next time you see him.

I still can't work it out.

It's your call, Izchak.

I don't think any of you realize the significance of this.

Our team is seeded in the ping-pong competition.

He is very frugal, not to say stingy.

He has a sharp eye for jewels.

We are an art portal where writers, illustrators, poets, musicians coexist. They explore every Latin American territory and every writing style known.

You don't have the ticket.

I get nervous at immigration.


My vet recommended putting my dog to sleep.

Giles stood up again.

A week's reflection led to a new plan.

The river that flows through Paris is called the Seine.

I'd better ask Hilda and see what he thinks.

A person named Jones came while you were out.

I think you've been infected.

I need you gone.

The first thing my mother said was: "Are you crazy?"

I would be very thankful if you could make a reservation for a room that is near your company.

Were you serious before?

Try to be moderate in drinking.

Dating him is probably a bad idea.

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I need to talk to Rayan first before I make a decision.


She was impatient to know his address.

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Lex just wants to be with James.

You're not even a student here.

Florence was for me a life buoy in the sea of life.


She was taken ill on holiday and had to find a doctor.

A Mr. Miller wants to see you.

The trains are running according to schedule.

I talked to Dory on Monday.

As far as English is concerned, nobody can beat me.


The boats are beached on shore.

Our team is five points ahead.

What do I like to do?


I can't forget him.

My sister has long legs.

Olaf worked hard all afternoon.

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How did Kristi get that up there?

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I want to say one thing.


Can you please take this package to the post office?

Srikanth is a big man in the company.

A man shouted something, waving his hand.

Did you actually believe that?

They contrived to arrive in time after all.

I am a very good chess player.

You're going to be a beautiful bride.

Get to bed.

Mariou can put away more money, tax-deferred, for retirement.

I need to get my bangs trimmed.

Never take advantage of another's misfortune.

This new chair is lavender-blue.

I'll wait until six o'clock.

I'm extremely grateful to you.

Let's leave as soon as possible.

I wonder who he really is.

Some Asians eat dogs.

It's kind of distracting.

He asked me if I was busy.

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I'm sending you a birthday present by airmail.


Don't worry, everything will be good.

She watched him draw a picture.

I have to go find her.

Is it money you need?

Keep your eye on him.


This elevator is capable of carrying 10 persons at a time.