I'm in Perth.

I just can't overlook his rude behavior.

Your behavior leaves much to be desired.

He returned home without telling us.

I do have a crush, but it's not mutual. He already has a lovely wife, anyways.

Sergio can go hear Angus sing at that club whenever he wants to.

Judging by the swelling, the man must have been bitten by a snake.

Is there a zoo in Boston?

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I buy loads of stuff at that store.

The baby is putting the rattle in its mouth.

You can speak freely, Sherman.

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I'll do my best to get it for you, but I don't promise anything.


I'm here because of her.


She is pursuing her career in interior design.

I want nothing but health.

Meeks played tennis.

That's the price you pay.

He didn't respond to my question.

Betsy got everything he wanted.

Are we afraid of dying?

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You'll sleep better tonight.

Put the words in alphabetical order.

The most commonly reported flu symptoms are fever, chills, sweating, astheania, headache and nausea.

They asked for an increase of salary.

They were drinking champagne.

The truth is that she was not there.

It's almost impossible to work out this problem.

They all knew her.

How many cows are there on this farm?

We must call a cat a cat.

I had to walk all the way here.


We're not in danger.

Each person or small group had to build their own boat.

She didn't run fast enough to catch the bus.

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This wasn't the first geopolitical battle between the United States and China, and it would not be the last.

You're so attracted to me.

If you are here, it means you care.

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He taunted me, but I didn't take the bait.

Some children swim in the ocean.

Andrew certainly enjoys his wine.

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Watching TV is a passive activity.


In one of my most loathed fever dreams, I had to unscramble a block of dry ramen with my mind.

A smile may convey understanding, joy, or an appreciation of humor.

A long thread is easily entangled.


Lee and Vijay became good friends.


He was arrested for abusing public funds.

I cannot be absent. I'm the manager.

That's what my dad always said.

I really don't care.

Clouds blacken the sky (and everyone's mood).


Oh, the electricity has gone off.


Are you up to the task?

She should have arrived late last night.

They coughed.


Do you have any plans for the summer vacation?

Are we going right?

Come along with us.

My dad taught me how to do it.

I think that this isn't correct.


Did you do something?

The old hippy didn't need any drugs; he was high on life.

It's important that we find Vivek.

I want you to be nice to me.

I don't know exactly why that is.

You're both liars.

If you don't write me back, I'll start thinking you don't want to know me.

In charity there is no excess.

Please confirm.

The temperature of the oil climbed to 165 degrees Celsius.

We're dancing.

You're not sleeping enough.

Frankie parceled out soup for each of the homeless men.


The buds began to burst.

My grandfather was a soldier during the war.

Hence, loathed melancholy.


I am faced with a mountain of problems.

You're very fast.

The image is not in focus.

Roberto doesn't need to know yet.

I had fun.


"You're right, certainly you don't seem to have been into it today." "Eh! You can tell that sort of thing?"

I want to take a rest.

It makes no difference if you talk to him or not. One might as well talk to a brick wall.

James had a great fear of making mistakes in class and being reprimanded.

That's why I asked Joyce to leave.


Have you tried talking with Mah?

Srinivas didn't want Hotta to come to his party.

Well, at least let me set the table.

Let's see if we can cancel the meeting.

I like him, but he's weird.

Please eat something.

I held on to the rope firmly as not to fall.

I'm sorry to have caused you all this trouble.

It was a frightening experience.


I can't be bought.

Who's taking responsibility for the loss?

We're not going to help Mahesh.


He took a refreshing walk along the riverside.

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I'm sure you're very busy.

Please contact me by mail.

Can you prove the existence of garbagemen?

It's not like you have anything better to do.

What's your favorite fish?

Why did my sixty-year-old landlord buy a trampoline?

I want everybody to leave.

Are you sure you want to wait for Earl?

There is a big park near our school.

Greece cancels the referendum.

The book was split along its spine.

They would like to hire bicycles.

Danny thought something wasn't right.


I can sell it to him.

Why didn't you learn German while you were in Germany?

Kimmo told me that he likes swimming.

A bull with short trousers has escaped.

Watch out for trees from now on.

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Wilmer isn't the type of person who does things like that.

Everybody paid.

I don't want you to harass him.

Tell me what I need to do.

Vincent was eaten by a tiger.

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What does this mean for Australia?

It was my turn to straighten up the room.

The story affected us deeply.

At least try and be careful.

Mahmoud didn't die in a car accident.

I go to school because I want to learn.

We're historians.

I know I've been very stupid.

I'm glad Murat isn't dead.


I was married.


We should consider the problem from a child's point of view.


The tundra has a harsh climate.

It has nothing to do with luck.

I was talking to my family.

I'm happy to wait.

He is buying some wood so that he can make a bookcase.

Please get out the homework.

Will you give me the recipe for your salad?

It was too soft.

I'm pretty used to people not liking me.

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This is out of my control.


The pilot is battling for the control of the aircraft.

As to me, I agree to the plan.

I am a Spanish reporter.

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Put back the book where you found it.

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This TV show tackles issues of teenage pregnancy and homosexuality.

He makes necessary changes.

Their reports don't accord.


Juggling is another thing I'm not very good at.

That has fallen out of style.

Teachers must be tired of correcting the same mistakes over and over again in their students' papers.

If you have a positive attitude, you are looking for ways to solve the problems that you can solve, and you are letting go of the things over which you have no control.

Send me the best employees that money can buy. Money is no object.

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I'll grab a taxi and be right there.

I'm looking forward to receiving a favorable answer from you.

The little girl put her arm around his neck, and looked into his eye, but she could see nothing.


I found a secret passage in the library.

I build houses out of stone.

Just let me know when you're ready.

It's been a long time coming; but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America.

I just sat there and cried.

I'm closing the door.

Jesse told Myron he didn't want to help her.