That was a very kind act.

The squirrel is eating pizza.

He had a serious illness in the autumn of 1823.

John was making mistakes all the time.

Neal made me hurry.

I thought you might want to go with us.


Werner asked Nguyen about her job in Boston.

Keep smiling.

And then everyone started laughing.

I don't know anything about racing.

She is the most beautiful girl in our class.

He did not want to admit it.

No, you have to make a connecting flight in Chicago.


Teruyuki is beginning to look pretty old.


Ritchey never seems to feel the cold the way I do.

This is the window broken by John.

I don't know why that would be a problem now.

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Why didn't you help them escape?


I feed my dog just before I eat dinner.


We need to protect ourselves.

Who's this message for?

They talked from 8 until 10.

What's Deirdre got to do with this?

It makes me feel more confident.

Penny and Samuel counted the ballots.

I thought this looked familiar.


Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin?


Billy likes to shop at Forever 21.

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Seymour is on the bobsleigh team.

Sjaak seems to believe everything Skeeter says.

Let me talk to you.

He read a passage from Shakespeare.

Mickey wants Hank to come here right away.

Anton sharpened his knife.

Not everyone in town likes Shadow.

Jianyun paid for it in a lump sum.

He showed us how to ride a horse.

If flies fly behind flies, then flies fly behind flies.

Someone's going to hurt them.


Wow, that dog is really talented!

I trusted people too quickly in the past and just assumed everyone was good.

Can you teach me how to play a ukulele?

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Seth knew about the surprise party all along.

It hasn't been easy for Heather to make ends meet.

We had a great conversation.

Who was absent from school last week?

I didn't confront Ned.

It can be costly.

The results were far from satisfactory.

Thad may chicken out.

They left the house after the fire.


Sonja is amazingly well informed.

It will do you good to live in the country.

I like poets, such as Takuboku.

What is the story?

Olson was awarded a lucrative contract.

I'm getting fed up with social justice warriors.

He asked me when I was going to buy a new car.

A side effect of the eye surgery is dry eyes.

They wash their car every Saturday.

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The work was held up for three weeks.


Who goes there?

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I drove here from Boston as soon as I heard you needed me.

You'll eventually get used to it.

A good way to boost reading and listening skills in a target language is to read or listen to the news.


The doctor said that grandmother is still very sick, but she's out of the woods.

Is Stacy more intelligent than you?

I can hardly believe this.


What's his teacher's name?

Can I help you find something?

Xiaoming has really poor self-control.


Should I say "Climate Change" or "Global Warming"?

Any activity you need to accomplish will take more time than you have.

Who eats bugs?

We'll get started right away.

I interviewed a lady who works to protect the environment.

Most people enjoy starry, peaceful nights.

These animals were startled by the noise of the fireworks.

It's important for us to remember that.

I'm ready for my next challenge.


Damon was a nurse for nearly thirty years.

That is a heart.

If he is tired, let him sleep.

Knute should've let his children come camping with us.

But for my family, I would not have worked so hard.

Carisa promised to help Dennis with her homework.

The hen is hatching her chicks.

I'm calling to thank you.

Many people applied for the position.

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She ate a fourth of the cake.

Amanda put the box in the car.

Those twins look like two peas in a pod.

You know where everything is.

He is a creative, intelligent and thoughtful individual.

We lost.

My mother took my temperature.

Terrence plays the piano better than I do.

Carlo couldn't trust Eddy.


We need to wait and see.


Micheal hurried back into the house.

Correct the mistakes, if there are any.

I got the ticket free of charge.

She beat the shit out of Dick.

I spend too much time in front of my computer.

There is nothing to be scared of.

There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as president.

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Gretchen's dreams came true.

Whoever wakes me up shall know the torments of Hell.

This key won't work because it's bent.

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Do you want to tell me who they are?

The dress shirt is dirty.

My wife took good care of this dog.


Some kids are playing in the park.


It's best to let her handle it.


I don't think Raul lives here.

Little by little, the buds on the rosebush in my garden begin to open.

June is having another seizure.


Which of your parents do you take after?

Brian is holding Kate's hands.

I prefer English to music.


Takeuchi couldn't have done any better.

We could all learn something from him.

We found only a small number of customers in the store.

Both my grandfather and grandmother are dead.

Ross speaks without thinking.

It's way too heavy.

Annie never opens that window.

I never believed that.

Can you break away from your parents?

I had my bicycle stolen last night.

I suggested that the plan be postponed.

Hey, look what I can do!

In order words, it is a matter of common sense.


I'm Turkish.


Look, I know you're busy.

I really don't understand this problem.

As far as the eye could reach, there was no sign of life.

Eat when you are hungry.

I'm very busy these days.


I think you used too much salt.

Please tell me what your problem is?

I will look into the matter.

I disciplined my children when they deserved it.

Never was she so frightened.

Teachers must get tired of rectifying the same mistakes over and over again in their students' papers.

Monica put the cups on the shelf.


You're obviously dying to tell me.

They live in Belfast.

Climate scientists say we need to avert an additional 2-degree temperature increase to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

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It is about time you married.

Gilles hasn't yet been informed of our decision.

If a student and his or her professor bore each other, then both are wasting their time.


What was Sanford's reaction?

It probably wouldn't have helped.

The problem isn't so much the money as it is the time.

For what aim did you acquire it?

I don't care for foreign food.


This cellphone really costs a lot.

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Questions never hurt anyone.

My mother does not always get up early.

Did you get the flowers I sent the other day?

Nobody has been able to scientifically explain the phenomenon.

What was his name again?