We couldn't find the problem.

Tyler raised his glass.

Why is love so difficult?

Move! You're in my way.

Why don't you want this?

When teaching, men learn.


I'm helping Toufic out with something.

The audience applauded for a full five minutes.

I think it necessary for you to go in person.

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Manny will not starve.

I've been trying to teach our baby to eat from a spoon.

He's selling hot dogs to beat the band.

Their job is to make the king laugh.

Joshua went upstairs to take a bath.

He was so angry he couldn't speak.

All I wanted was a little bit more attention.

This looks like a great place.

She fell and broke her nose.


I don't think we have to stay here any longer.


You're very disobedient.

I admire Pharamp a lot.

Boyd wants to say something to you.

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Hit the brakes.


Suu spent a very enjoyable hour watching his grandson playing on the equipment at the shopping mall playground.

Ruth and Vincenzo couldn't decide whether to go to Boston or Chicago.

I like things like horumonyaki!

Someone has to take care of Rajarshi.

It's not too late to do that.

I really want to know.

I don't want them to take over.

I was a bit shocked.

I'm just sitting here relaxing.


I am considering how to settle the matter.

It made me feel lousy.

What pet is always found on the floor?

Please tell what I should do.

There were assassination theories but it was not clear who would have killed him and for what reason. Even now the truth about his death is unclear.

Count your blessings, not your flaws.

Arlene plays bass guitar in our band.

I believe that there is one perfect person out there for everyone.

When one says things like <<All Colombians are proud of this and that thing>> it is speaking for others.

She said she was of two minds as to whether to go or not.

Kimberly never mentioned any of this to me before.

One vacancy remains to be filled.

A crowd as big as that would leave tons of garbage on the stadium grounds.

I don't know which one I want.

It will be better for us to hurry if we want to catch the bus at six.

I recollect his saying so.

All of us, except him, went.

He had the luck to catch the train.

Your ideas are a little antiquated.

I found her pictures in your drawer.

Stock prices declined for five consecutive days.


Did you see the picture?

The fish are in the sea.

You do not know the truth.


I couldn't see anything.

Such a thing occurs frequently.

Wes still has nightmares.

What does it mean to have an educated mind in the 21st century?

The law is the same for everyone.

Manjeri called 911.

Stop pissing me off.

Is there anything you want me to get for you?

I was just too young and stupid to realize I shouldn't have tried doing that.

The air was scented with spring flowers.

Don't come so early next time.

Hurry up and bring me something to drink.

I have some things I want to do.


How familiar are you with my case?


Rusty wasn't able to find a place to park.

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The length of our stay there will be one week.

I know what.

I'm very proud of our students.

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Sehyo is no hero.

It is bisexual.

What is hell? Hell is oneself.

When we visited London, we rode a double-decker bus across the city.

It is necessary for you to go there immediately.


This is my latest review.

I think Kinch is motivated.

He had the maid sweep his room.

What did you spill?

It's out of stock, but I can give you a rain check.


He ducked down on one knee.

She controlled her tears.

I thought you'd be hungry.

To welcome someone is to open the heart's door and make room for him.

The doppler shift is a shift in an object's spectrum due to a change in the wavelength of light that occurs when an object is moving toward or away from Earth.

I don't know how I'm going to make it through today.

Sidney stabbed Leslie repeatedly with his knife.

When did you get back here?

There was nobody in there.

Marsha put his affairs in order.

Where are her sentences?


I can't make it any clearer than that.


Audrey is unconcerned.

Excuse me, where are my manners?

There was a sudden flow of tears from her eyes.

Who put that there?

It was OK.

If you get sick, go to the doctor.

Do whatever it is that he tells you to do.


You will go to school.

Vilhelm couldn't ask for more.

You're avoiding me.

The girl sees the boy.

I was lying earlier.

I can't remember things before they happen.

I don't understand why people idolize criminals.

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I know it's going to be worth it.

This development is casting a larger and larger shadow over the chemical industry as well.

Jurevis bought a newspaper and read it on the train.

They're looking for No.

What did you do to your hair?

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I think it's unlikely that a situation like this one would ever occur again.

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The problem is complicated by his personality.

Give me the notebook.

Distant water won't quench your immediate thirst.


You don't have a single reason to complain about anything.

This is one of the fish that Annie caught.

I had scarcely entered the class before the students started asking questions.

I told you it was a bad idea.

I think the train will come soon.

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Who's your French teacher?

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It looks like Aaron is going to cry.

I won't keep anyone here longer than I have to.

Mikael takes a bus to work.


They carried him to a nearby house.


I already told Bradford everything.

I was beginning to lose my cool.

Where did you visit them?

They're already here.

I've got a funny feeling about that guy.

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This is a four-way stop.

No one can figure it out.

The other part of why corn syrup is in everything is that it's cheap.

In the morning, I just want to have a leisurely start.

Let him show you how it's done.

Rakhal spent the morning painting the ceiling.

Do you have a better explanation?


What were you planning on doing today?

I think I'm going to pass.

In Hungary they speak Hungarian.

You've met Kenton already, haven't you?

I brought my camera, of course.

It's my favorite song.

The circulation, as is known, is the main indicator of the periodical's authoritativeness.


Step inside.


What could it mean?

Stacey is punctual, isn't he?

This house is my grandfather's.

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Louie downed the rest of his drink and left the bar.


Of course I was joking.


Don't tell me you dated Spudboy.

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It rains a lot in June.


Neil did it when he was drunk.

He's like a zebra among the horses.

Those books which have made a lasting contribution to man's quest for truth, we call great books.

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The hen has laid an egg.


Do you write in French?


She knew he was sad, but she couldn't pinpoint the reason why.