A state of emergency has been declared in Washington DC and five states.

You must look over the contract before you sign it.

I can't stand being around abrasive people.

Can you give me your phone number?


Vinod doesn't even bother to insult me anymore.

Where did you put the screwdriver?

I took one out.

If you don't have good ingredients, you can't make good food.

Doesn't matter.

They stayed up until dawn.

When was the last time you cleaned your room?

Juha couldn't help blushing.

I guess I'll never know.

That would've been fun.

Throw me the ball.


I'm sorry I didn't call.

What's the difference between "May I" and "Can I"?

Cristi closed the closet door and locked it.

In those days, America was not independent of the United Kingdom.

Seymour is the type of person who doesn't usually worry about details.


Don't worry. We'll figure everything out.


Strangely, the cash register's total was 777 yen.

I enjoyed living in Boston.

This rumor is completely unfounded.

That kitten is so cute.

Seeing her mother, the girl burst into tears.

Pilar had appendicitis.

I am feeling nauseous.

We predicted it.

Jeffie and Leonard are doing their homework.

I had no idea you were so stupid.

Nothing comes easy for us.

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I bought this for my boyfriend.

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The heater works.


Isn't that wild?

This is getting serious.

Sergiu promised to tell us one of his stories.

You should drink a lot of liquid.

This river is very dangerous to swim in.

I was driving at 120 kilometers per hour when the police stopped me.

I hear from my friend every year.

Sridhar and Stanley sat together on the bus.

Wherever you may go, you'll be welcomed.

That's what I thought at first.

Stevan eats more fish in a week than I eat in a year.

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He may have missed the plane.


The USSR will only use air strikes in the country as a last resort.

I was just thinking about you yesterday.

You need not go there if you don't want to go.

Lindsay didn't give me time to think.

What know you of patience?


We'd better find it soon.

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Jesse Owens was an American sportsman.

I was a basketball coach at one time.

Could you tell me the Wi-Fi password, please?

I have a home in the mountains.

Can Scot cook?

We've gotten some complaints about Phil's behavior.

Scott helped Brad in the garden.

Two white houses face each other and stand across the way.

Can't we talk this over?


I just ate a falafel.

Go a little faster, please?

You can use a fine-toothed comb to check for nits.

Don't you know what it is?

I don't like bad children.

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The policeman wrote it down in his notebook.

You should rest now.

Never, in my life, have I enjoyed myself so much.

I would like to eat.

Gregor is a drifter.

Tad may have come in.

Ramadoss is a musician.


I'll have that sent to you.

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Lightning normally accompanies thunder.

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Leads was very easy to talk to.

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Hunger is one of the greatest social miseries.


Come on, don't be a coward!


He presented his card.

Lou really is clueless.

Christina and Paola pushed the table against the wall.

A cold beer would hit the spot!

We went to Korea by plane.

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You're lucky Beverly is your friend.

The little boy is crafty.

Is there a situation in which one works but not the other?

Ritchey always keeps a set of jumper cables in the trunk of his car.

Give it another go.

Drinking warm milk will help you get to sleep.

He had to call for his friend's help.


Jane has five handbags.

Maybe Mwa can't speak French.

He could only laugh at the joke.

I'd be very thankful if I could make a reservation for a room that has good access to your company.

He has more books than he can read in his entire life.

Dave would call his security.

The boy was expelled from music school when he was 12.

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Danny will leave tonight.


Does he usually come here?


You have to get more exercise in order to stave off senility.


His eights looked like lowercase Gs.


It happened so quickly.


Mysore will be here in just a moment.

I suffered from my mortgage loan.

Toerless has to pay for everything.

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He came here all the way from London.

What happened to Sjouke's head?

He likes to read books.

Make sure to tell Tracy what time to be here.

It's finally finished.


It's really hard to understand you.


Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria.

Would you like to sit on my knee?

I answered all of Olson's questions.


You're very kind, Denis.


Taking all things into consideration, I think they were mistaken in it.

The doctor gave him the medicine.

We're concerned for your safety.

Dan said that he was moving up on Thursday.

Did you sift the flour before you made the cookie batter?

They didn't notice anything suspicious.

This is a picture of them.

Mick doesn't get up early.

We wanted to wait.

Founding your life on illusions is like building a house on a swamp.

Let's sing the English song.


She advised him to study harder.


He often goes to the library by car.


Monkeys kill people too, but only if they have guns.

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What happens if I press this button?

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We do not always take his advice.


I will have to change my ways.


It's evil.

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My bicycle broke, so I had to walk.

I've been waiting here for him since this morning.

Don't disturb us.


Susumu will attend the meeting in my place.

Why did you side with him instead of me?

He put up a brave and lone struggle, but up against such heavy odds he couldn't get his business plan accepted.


Do or die.

It's going to be hard.

Please tell me you didn't actually do it.

Let's talk about work.

The judge said he had never seen such an amicable and mutually agreed divorce.

Jean-Christophe is the one who's been taking care of that.

We were expecting Siegurd to be at the party, but he didn't show up.


I couldn't find my non-virtual address book until only a few minutes ago.


Do you have any idea where Sanity might be hiding?


Are you guys hungry?

It happened that she was taking a bath.

Mahesh wants to see both of us.

Did I get anything wrong?

The end of the world will have to wait.

The Black Forest cake is a natural aphrodisiac.

When I was your age, I was already married.